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Anders Sandberg (
03 Mar 1999 22:47:59 +0100 writes:

> In a message dated 99-03-01 12:34:54 EST, Anders writes:
> I wonder over this view, Kauffman seems to share it with you. It is so
> different from my view: we are unique, contingent! If the universe was
> re-run again, nothing like us would ever appear. We have been
> selected, not randomly but with the help of randomness. There is
> nothing gruesome with that. >>
> Thanks Anders, I totally agree with you. It's the sense that we are lucky
> junk (a direct quotation) that I think is gruesome. I love your expression
> that we are unique and contingent.

Thanks yourself.

> While my son (PhD in molecular biology) introduced me to Kaufmann and seems to
> think his work is very important, he is still stuck in the "lucky junk"
> paradigm. It's the characterization, not the science that I have trouble
> with. The emotional vehemence and intollerence of other interpretations that
> he shares with so many others on this list (not you Anders) upsets me.

I wonder about that vehemence, why does it occur? Is it just a natural reaction towards the fairly religious US society by rebellious thinkers, or are there other reasons. I see no reason to become emotional about the non-existence of things, or even the presence of institutions that might be harmful. I think it is better to remain calm and think about them, how awful or wonderful they might be.

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