RE: Houston Chronicle feature re quest for immortality

Billy Brown (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 08:06:34 -0600

den Otter wrote:
> Cryonics is never mentioned with regard to Quarles, so I suppose
> that he hasn't signed up yet (though afaik he knows about the
> procedure). Damn fool! He'll be long dead before they find that
> "miracle cure" for aging. Cryonics sure could use some extra
> funding, and Mr. Quarles will no doubt soon be needing cryonics,
> so perhaps someone should do some prodding (someone from
> ExI, perhaps?) Might be worth a try..

Good luck. I knew him several years ago, when we Houston cryonicists were having regular meetings. He would usually show up, but that was just because he enjoys talking to people who don't plan on dying. As near as I can make out, his theory is that cryonics is such a long shot that he is better off putting all his resources into promoting medical research. He isn't really all that rich, and at his age he'd probably have to pay cash for his suspension arrangements.

Now, maybe when that Y2K deadline of his passes he'll be willing to reconsider.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I