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Terry Donaghe (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 05:09:29 -0800 (PST)

I read yesterday on ZDNET (another fount of objective reporting ;) ) that the story is a hoax. The british came out and said it never happened and that hijacking a satelite is quite impossible.

Who to believe? :)

My original question should have been, "Are stories such as satelites being hijacked (as reported in 'main stream media') of interest to Extropians, or are they kooky?

---Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
> Terry Donaghe <> writes:
> > Well, I did get the story off of yahoo news. And I think CNN news
> > reported it yesterday. I make no claim to it's truthfulness.
> > Perhaps, if this is bogus, it should be of interest to us that so
> > "respected" news organizations picked it up...
> Remember the British Telecom "SoulCatcher 2000" chip? Two summers
> back, it went all the way around the media, and still crops up (now
> usually promoted by some paranoid schizophrenic). The real story was
> that BT had held a seminar about future technology, and in the end
> speculated a bit about uploading and neurointerfaces. Some less than
> brilliant reporter mis-reported it, and news organisation after news
> organization copied each other.
> I agree with those sceptical about the satelite story. It seems a bit
> too much like a Hollywood movie to be true, but the memetic potential
> is good - we have been conditioned by a lot of fiction to believe in
> this sort of thing.
> Can crackers get into a satelite? I think they can, even if it is hard
> to judge how likely it is. Can they make sense of the guidance system?
> That definitely requires good knowledge about space technology and the
> ideosynchracies of the satelite in question - a much taller order. My
> guess is that if the story is true, then it is an insider job.
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