Re: Is this "Kooky?"

Randall Randall (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 02:52:09 -0500

I've lately thought that on Wed, 03 Mar 1999, Spike Jones wrote:
>> Spike Jones wrote:

>Wow! Terry, then CNN, now Harvey! Well, I better stop commenting
>on it, to maintain a shred of dignity. But how in the helllll could
>pull off such a thing? How would they know how to manage all the
>systems, just to keep the transmitter pointed to the receiver is quite
>a trick. Surely there is something we are not being told. This really
>does not compute guys!

This implies much more about your opinion of "hackers" than it does about the "hackers" themselves... ;) Seriously, I would say that, in general, I would expect that hackers would know more about most types of computer systems than their usual users.

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