Re: Houston Chronicle feature re quest for immortality

den Otter (
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 01:43:30 +0100

> From: Randy <>


"And while some gains in anti-aging research have been made, anyone hoping to collect Quarles' prize had better work fast; it expires in 2000.

"I'm trying to save my own ass," he admits. "And who wouldn't? According to the charts, I only have about five years to live. The clock is ticking."

"To clarify: Miller Quarles doesn't just want to live. He wants to live forever. And he's offering a $100,000 reward for the scientist who finds the "cure" for what he considers the disease of old age."

Cryonics is never mentioned with regard to Quarles, so I suppose that he hasn't signed up yet (though afaik he knows about the procedure). Damn fool! He'll be long dead before they find that "miracle cure" for aging. Cryonics sure could use some extra funding, and Mr. Quarles will no doubt soon be needing cryonics, so perhaps someone should do some prodding (someone from ExI, perhaps?) Might be worth a try.