Re: Roton rollout

Spike Jones (
Mon, 01 Mar 1999 22:44:47 -0800

Randall Randall wrote:

> Having just watched the Roton rollout (, I must
> say that this prototype, at least, doesn't look exactly like the
> "artist's impressions" on the Rotary Rocket site. The top of the
> rocket, where the rotors are attached, did not look as if it would
> support the idea of launching with the rotors folded down. I wonder
> if they ditched that idea, and plan to launch with rotors out?

It is not clear how they could fold, in that configuration.

> Wouldn't that put a lot of stress on the hub?

One would sure think so.

I admit Im baffled. I cant tell what they have in mind, but they *do* have an impressive list of names present. Hope they can pull it off! {8^D spike