Re: THEOLOGY: Extropianism & Theology & dopamine

Harvey Newstrom (
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 03:12:20 -0500

Spike Jones <> wrote:
> With kids, it is much more difficult to
> explain why they need to wash before meals than to just issue
> the command, then shriek "Because IM the MOM, THATS why
> now DO IT!"

Hmmm... I'm now wondering if etiquette and polite society memes are similar to the God meme. It's too complicated to explain why we have to do these things. It's much simpler to teach "this is proper" and "that is improper." I think like religion, most complicated etiquette rules evolved from some real function, which purpose has become forgotten over time. The "Miss Manners" meme!

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