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Tue, 2 Mar 1999 08:35:20 EST

In a message dated 3/1/99 11:48:17 PM, Tim wrote:

<<Be extraverted and calm - that generates happiness. Talk about happy news
like the roton rocket or that News guy's new book about how their generation built America. Be yourself. Be kind.

Look after yourself,

Thanks Tim for your thoughtful words. However, I feel compelled to do more.

Extropians are working on life extension and imortality for themselves and theirs. What about my neighbor? What about my Dad who died 7 years ago? Who has a mother, father, son or daughter who's died? What about their life extension?

Tipler convinced me that, some day, us, our successors or beings from other civilizations on other planets will have the technology (at minimal cost to them) to bring us all back in the huge, holy computers of the future.


That is the question.

That is why I intend to build an institution, designed to last long enough, to actually make sure this happens, The Church of the Modern Era.

My son hates this. He says why a church? Why not a foundation or something, anything but a Church.

This is a big goal. I can think of none larger. Its implementation will require many millions of people (on this planet and throughout the universe). And not just extropians, by the way, although Extropians could be the leaders and motivators, if any so wished. Life extension for everyone, what could be more democratic?

I say, put your ideals where your mouth is.