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02 Mar 1999 12:19:57 +0100 writes:

> Angry Odysseus was the first brave young atheist!
> Rosy fingered dawn broke over my awareness when I read this and enlightened
> the wine dark sea of my understanding (please forgive me but I can't help it).
> Wily Adrian, sacker of cities (just kidding)

And don't forget Daedalos, who built moving statues, invented the windlass, glue and other useful stuff, killed his nephew, built the Labyrinth, set up the first human-bull chimera and invented flight - and got away with it all! Sure, his son (who didn't listen to the pre flight safety spiel :-) was killed, but no thunderbolts or titans hit him. Great man, if a bit lacking in forethought.

I'm working on a small play/dialogue between Daedalos (rational optimism), Icaros (irrational optimism), King Minos (rational pessimism) and the Minotaur (irrational pessimism). Wonderful transhumanist possibilities, but right now too preachy.

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