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Mon, 01 Mar 1999 22:06:48 -0800

Anders Sandberg found a cool reference entitled:

> Testosterone Changes During Vicarious Experiences of Winning and
> Losing Among Fans at Sporting Events
> Paul C. Bernhardt, James M. Dabbs Jr., Julie A. Fielden and Candice D. Lutter
> Physiology & Behavior 65:1 5962 1998
> Testosterone plays an important role in social status interactions at
> least among primate males, especially dominance. It has been shown...

Please dontt kookify me: funny story follows which has little to do with extropy:

During my junior year in high school our football team went undefeated. Chris Collinsworth was our quarterback (went on to play pro ball for the Bengals) and damn he was good. The principal got on the horn one day and called an immediate assembly, right now, everybody down here, now! He said: Listen to this lady from the health department. She said:

Congratulations Astronaut High. You rank second in the state. For gonorrea! Your rate of new cases is second only to Rockledge High, which is where I have to go next.

We sat in stunned silence. Then some yahoo started chanting Beat Rockledge! Beat Rockledge! Beat Rockledge!

The place cracked up. That was before AIDS, when VD was still a joke, when you could treat it with penicillin.

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