Re: THEOLOGY: Extropianism & Theology

Timothy Bates (
Tue, 02 Mar 1999 12:41:57 +1100

adrian wrote

> [Jaines] believes that all people before the crafty Odysseus behaved as
> their god-voice (a sort of superego in the right cerebral cortex) told them
> and that Odysseus, the sacker of cities, was the first human being to break
> free of this tyranny and express his free will.
> Angry Odysseus was the first brave young atheist!
> Rosy fingered dawn broke over my awareness when I read this and enlightened
> the wine dark sea of my understanding (please forgive me but I can't help it).
> Wily Adrian, sacker of cities (just kidding)

Adrian - I completely agree with your entire post ;-)