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Mon, 1 Mar 1999 17:20:21 EST

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I agree that the argument is faulty. God allows free oxygen to all children without taking away free will. Why couldn't food just be another free staple on the planet? How would that prevent free will?>>

Well, Harvey, who says God gets involved at that level. This notion of a personal deity who listens to and helps people in need is not one I share. The Godlike entity that I see emerging from us, if we live long enough, still operates in our universe constrained by the laws of nature.

The main comfort I see coming from such a mega SI is an afterlife a la Frank Tipler where we can receive our ultimate reward. It's still very much "God helps those who help themselves" in our life.

By the way, I see no conflict between this afterlife belief (hope) and other transhuman life extension endeavours like uploading and cryonics. I believe in redundant systems when my life is at stake, just to be sure.

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