Re: GUNS: Accidental Deaths (was Re: FAQ Additions (Posthuman mind control))

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Mon, 1 Mar 1999 17:05:12 -0500

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> wrote:
> >Why do you assume that if I think the Right Wing is lying, that I must
> >believe the Left Wing?
> By the tone of your comments, implying that EvMick must be listening to
> lying right-wing radio if he didn't hear enough stories about kids getting
> shot to back up the anti-gun propaganda?

You must have missed the beginning of this thread. I was talking to Mike Lorrey, not EvMick. EvMick was merely quoting my comments. (I'm just keeping the attributions correct.)

Mike made the original claim that I must be listening to Left Wing propoganda if I believed more than 31 children had been accidentally shot to death in 35 years. He said that the radio he listened to supported his numbers instead of mine. I showed him stats from pro-gun sites supporting my numbers, and suggested that it might be he who was listening to misleading media. I was merely quoting his own words back at him.

Finally, I have not been quoting anti-gun propoganda. My posts have all along been saying that the number of children accidentally shot to death is very low compared to other threats. Just not as low as Mike stated. When I posted the more accurate figures, I repeated that these figures still supported Mike's point.

> Your figures, incidentally, had one year when 34 kids under 5 were
> accidentally shot and killed; I couldn't tell from Mike's message whether
> he meant 31 in 35 years (obviously silly) or 31 per year... if the latter
> then he's pretty much in agreement with the other source.

Mike claimed 31 kids in 35 years.

But seriously, how did you extract that number above while ignoring the rest of my sentence? The sentence you are quoting had 34 kids under age 5, 56 children aged 5-9, and 146 children aged 10-14. That's 236 kids, not the 34 you are quoting.

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