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01 Mar 1999 20:26:46 +0100 writes:

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> writes:
> >"den Otter" <> writes:
> >> What we need is a flashier image, and some genuine >H pride to
> >> replace the impotent relativism that is often seen on this list. Say
> >> it loud: >H and proud! ;-)
> > Maybe we should make lapel pins, t-shirts and icons for the web (the
> > ultraviolet ribbon campaign will however never catch on :-)
> How about a fluorescent ribbon? Would it express the idea that >H is
> taking something good and adding (sometimes not obvious)
> interesting things to it?

Yes. Some of us at Aleph have been thinking of a transhumanist flag: a white flag, but treated (with titanium dioxide) so that when lit by UV light it shines (the common disco effect). I like the idea of adding a *new* physical effect to human symbolism, but it better not be too vulgar.

The ultraviolet ribbon (can be found at has the disadvantage of being invisible to unaugmented browsers (almost)

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