Re: GUNS: Accidental Deaths (was Re: FAQ Additions (Posthuman mind control))

Harvey Newstrom (
Mon, 1 Mar 1999 14:20:22 -0500

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> wrote:
> >Because you listen to right-wing radio programs that distort the truth?
> As opposed to left-wing media distorting the truth? In my experience no-one
> lies more than the anti-gun lobby... they have to, because they have no truth
> to support their cause.

Why do you assume that if I think the Right Wing is lying, that I must believe the Left Wing? Both sides lie.

> *Shrug* Michael's figures look silly to me, as far as I'm aware the correct
> figures are around 100 deaths per year, not 1 per year.

> I just don't see this as an important issue at all, and can't see why anyone
> would unless they're part of the anti-gun hordes;

When a pro-gun argument is made with incorrect statistics, it diminishes the cause. It implies that the true statistics would not lead to the same conclusion. You incorrectly assume that only "anti-gun hordes" would care to correct this. I disagree. I think everyone should be interested in using truthful arguments to further their case. When I went and found the accurate statistics and posted them, I stated that the accurate numbers still supported Mike Lorrey's point.

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