Re: Improving the list (was: Can we please dekookify the list?)

Anders Sandberg (
01 Mar 1999 18:11:03 +0100

"Timothy Bates" <> writes:

> A Davidson just got added to my glorify list by implementing Brian Atkins
> suggestion to
> >> combine collective and collaborative filtering
> He suggests a sig. at the bottom of each post as follows:
> > -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> > 1) Kookify []
> > 2) Glorify []
> > 3) Kill Thread []
> > 4) Kill Topic [
> > -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I think this is wonderful, with one modification. No global filtering. All
> mail clients are smart enough and bandwidth is cheap enough that noone wants
> to have the ultimate choice about reading a mail taken out of their hands.
> However, neighbourhood gosip is great and a trail of glory attached to your
> posts woudl be a powerful incentive to make posts good, clever and great.

While the kill thread and topic stuff might not be necessary, I like the idea of Kookify/Glorify! A more soft incentive to produce good posts.

I have been thinking of running some program through the list archives to do data mining, for example build sociograms (who responds to whom?), find threads where someone participates, who glorifies who and perhaps extract clusters of discussion. Maybe the way of improving quality of the list lies in making archives more powerful?

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