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>I don't understand why it seems that no one can recognize the
>plain obvious most important of all facts that a glorious red spiritual
>qualia is in our mind or brain and only represents and is very different
>from the 700 nm light beyond our eyes?

Everybody recognizes that as true but not everybody recognizes it as profound, or a property meat has a monopoly on either.

>Why is it so hard for people to admit that such a red sensation
>is so much more than a mere abstract representation by a set
>of switches in an information processing system?

Because it doesn't appear to be true. If I change some of those switches in your head the glorious red spiritual qualia you experience also changes. For example, the drug Viagra will often make things look bluer for a few hours after you take it. I understand it will do other things too.

>Why can't people realize that an abstract machine, while
>trying to pass a Turing Test and trying to answer the question: "What
>is red or salty like?" is obviously lying and not really experiencing
>anything like red, love, warmth, salty, pain

Perhaps the machine is lying, but I must insist that it is very far from obvious.

>And why is it so difficult to realize that once we understand this most
>important of all things to understand about reality, and once we know
>what qualia are, that we will be able to engineer ways to eff and share such
>glorious feelings?

It's not difficult it's impossible, because you'll never know for certain if your "understanding" of how subjectivity works is correct.

>Why is it so hard to realize the simple fact that effing techniques
>will let us know if the machine is lying or not and finally solve the
>problems like Jaron is talking about

It won't work, I could know for certain what I feel like when I'm connected to one of Jaron's effing machines that is also connected to you, but what you are feeling would remain conjecture, just like it is today.

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