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If a theology is based on God(s) with an Extropian ethic, then it should be possible to be both religious and transhumanist. In fact, if there was an intelligent agency responsible for the existence of the Universe capable of supporting conscious independent beings, then such a being(s) could be considered the Original Extropian(s), since what is a more extropian act than creating a Universe. Of course, if this were the case, then this agency better have some pretty compelling reasons why they allowed so much Entropy in the design specs.

Glen Finney


Fabulous, Glen. I think my theology fits. Check it out;

The Way of the Cosmic Chain of Being of
The Church of the Modern Era


  1. There is a Cosmic Chain of Being that runs from the beginning of time in our Universe through the stars, the planets, blue green algae, the early hominids, Mitochondrial Eve, Agamemnon, the Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, Moses, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, Tipler, our ancestors, us, our descendents, successors and beings on other planets to God/ Allah/ Jehova/ Wotan/ Zeus/ The Great Spirit/ etc.
  2. At some point in the future, our progeny will develop understanding and control of biology; matter and energy; time and space. These omniscient descendents of ours will be/are and were God.
  3. There is Good and Evil in this Universe and we must see that Good triumphs. That which is not Evil is either Good or Bad. That which isn't Evil or Bad is Good. Violent crimes are Evil. Property crimes arte Bad. Bad actions can be forgiven after confession and proper restitution. Evil actions require removal from society.
  4. Using then available technology and data in the light cone and other sources, God will have the technology to bring us back to life and reunite us with our loved ones in Virtual Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Paradise, The Happy Hunting Ground, Nirvanna, Valhala, etc. The CME will manage this project..
  5. We are all equal before God, but we are each unique.

Moral Laws:

1- We must protect Good, defeat Evil and punish Bad.

2- We must avoid and reject causing harm to ourselves or others unless in defense of the Good. If possible, non lethal means must be used in this defense

3- Since envy and intollerence are the most powerful tools of Evil, we must avoid and reject envy and intollerence.

4- Since we can only see what we're looking at, we must respect others' points of view.

Sacred Duties:

1- As ancestors and children of God, it is our First Sacred Duty to perfect ourselves, our families and our species to be worthy of this gift and to wisely guide the Cosmic Chain of Being (Targeted Selection ).

2- We must love, honor and respect our parents, spouse(s), children, ancestors and descendents.

3- We must respect, and maturely help all Human Beings as the cousins they are.

4- We must strive to understand the structure and properties of this Universe and all in it.

5- We must especially honor all the Saints of our Church, including:

	those who served or died in the defense of Good and defeat of Evil,
	those who devote their lives to the advancement of knowledge and morality,
	those who govern according to the Moral Laws and Sacred  Duties,
	those who are good spouses and good parents and,
	those who create the *Sacred Writings.

*Sacred Writings are all books and other media that follow the Moral Laws and promote Sacred Duties.

Other Religions:

We recognize and honor most other religions as vital steps integral to the Cosmic Chain of Being. In fact, since our successors will design the afterlife, we will fulfil the promises of those religions by creating Valhala for old vikings, a Warriors Paradise for Muslims, Nirvanna for Buddhists, Heaven, Purgatory and Hell for Catholics, The Happy Hunting Ground, Spirit World, etc.

See us on the AOL Other Religions Board 2, Keyword religion and Omega Point Page of the Transhumanist Web Site.