Re: Improving the list (was: Can we please dekookify the list?)

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:02:11 -0600

At 04:53 PM 2/28/99 -0600, you wrote:

>Oh, give me a break. Somebody has to bite the bullet and do it - our
>culture forbids them from nominating themselves - and selecting just
>three people makes it bloody well obvious that I'm not picking ALL the
>Real Extropians, just three of them.

Please be careful with your teeth, however skilled!

I don't think that any of the extropians you mentioned would have a problem volunteering themselves as appropriate enthusiasts in helping to inform any new people to the list about extropian ideas. Our extropian culture does not frown upon self-esteem. In fact, extropianism is highly supportive of individuals rising to the occasion.

>If I cannot suggest that specific responsibility be delegated to
>specific people without causing internecine warfare, then the
>internecine warfareers are out of luck, 'cause I'm still gonna do it.

Doth protest too much?