Re: Extropianism & Theologism

proclus (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 19:52:11 -0500

I haven't made much of a splash around here, but I thought that some people might be interested in the opinion of Mormon Transhumanist. This did come up in the discussion.

Here is the teaching. "As man is, god once was. As god is, man may become." The mormon god is not a traditional god at all, but rather an ultimately advanced human being. That is, god is a successful extropian; omniscient, immortal, human, space traveller. The teaching goes on that god (and goddess) is also our humane "exemplar", so we should also become more advanced ourselves. For me, this is a very inspiring approach to transhumanism. It is actually redundant to say Mormon Transhumanist, although I can definitely see that it is not for everyone.

That's it, for what it's worth. If this is off topic, I'm sorry. If your an atheist, that's your business. I'm not judging, just informing. In fact, I consider myself and atheist as well. Please email me privately, if you don't grok that.



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