Re: Improving the list (was: Can we please dekookify the list?)

Natasha Vita-More (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 13:13:32 -0600

At 08:31 PM 2/27/99 -0600, Eliezer wrote:

>Newcomers to the list get any letter received by any of the most
>prominent Extropians (MPEs) using the system, a list which should
>consist of Max More, Lee Daniel Crocker, and Anders Sandberg. Filtered
>archives would contain all of these letters, minus any that were marked
>"down" by an MPE, unless at least one MPE marked them "up".

I find this type of flag waving adolescent. Rather than continually lobbying extropians who you think are important, perhaps you might make contributions yourself to Extropy Institute in ways that are inviting rather than perpetually alienating and placing one person above another.