A Newbie

Aina & Bones (goldengarden@arjang.mail.telia.com)
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 11:40:48 +0100

Hello all!

My name is Bones. I live in the countryside in a forest in Sweden. I am a forty five year old male.

I was browsing Mr. Bowie's web page where he roughly describes his book "Why die?". Does anyone have have any further information on the author or book? From what was published there it seemed like he was pushing positive thinking a little further "believe in living forever and you will" or something like that. Is that really the whole message or are there some more uhm.. advanced ideas as well ?


In the 1850s, Louisiana physician Samuel Cartwright described a mental
disease of slaves called "drapetomania," which caused its victims to run
away from their masters. A century later, American physicians Vernon
Mark, Frank Ervin and William Sweet proposed that urban rebellions were
caused by brain damaged individuals who could be cured by psycho surgery
(lobotomy). They received grants of almost 1 million dollars in federal