Evolution, the central dogma and mutation (was Re: Extropianism &

Timothy Bates (tbates@karri.bhs.mq.edu.au)
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 13:32:11 +1100

> I would be happy to prove to you, mathematically, why there is not enough time
> for evolutionary adaptation by Natural Selection to occur without some
> underlying organizing principles (like LAWS such as F=MA, E=MC2, momentum=MV,
> etc.).

Trouble is that Darwin, Huxley, and Crick et al. never said that force did not equal mass times acceleration. They did say that man and all other life evolved entirely without design from natural selection upon random mutation*. Introducing physics is a red herring being fed to a straw man.

F=MA operates when a vase is being broken on the floor just as accurately as when the space shuttle is docking with MIR. To call it an "organizing" principle is just plain wrong.