Re: Improving the list (was: Can we please dekookify the list?)

Brian Atkins (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 16:06:44 -0500

Why not combine collective and collaborative filtering then? First implement some collective filtering to get rid of off topic and kookish posts. Then later on add onto it another layer of software allowing for collective filtering for each individual's interests?

Aaron Davidson wrote:
> >Two questions jump out to me:
> >
> >Is there a way to implement something like this without making
> >everyone switch to some proprietary client software?
> >
> >What would a newbie see upon joining such a system? Basically
> >all posts? So to get a dekookified stream of posts they basically
> >have hang around for a few weeks rating things (or having the
> >system rate it automatically based on habits)?
> Sounds interesting. The only way it could be done without proprietary
> software would be through using your URL-SIG idea.
> The results could either be used to change personal message filtering, or
> collective message filtering. Having the system personalized would probably
> be better than collective filtering, since everyone's tastes are different.
> For instance, I would want to filter anything to do with politics, but I am
> sure many would not want that.
> A proprietary system could be *way* more flexible, but I doubt many of us
> want to have to load a java applet every time we want to read the list.
> Regarding the $10,000....I'm looking for a summer job.
> For $10,000 I'd write the software. ;-)
> --Aaron
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