Re: Improving the list (was: Can we please dekookify the list?)

Joe Trusnik (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 15:55:17 -0500

At 01:19 PM 2/27/99 -0700, Aaron Davidson wrote:

>The results could either be used to change personal message filtering, or
>collective message filtering. Having the system personalized would probably
>be better than collective filtering, since everyone's tastes are different.
>For instance, I would want to filter anything to do with politics, but I am
>sure many would not want that.

I agree. I've been playing around with the filters for a while now, and I've basically eliminated all of those 'Y2K' messages, as well as 'Gun Control' and 'Information is on the Bottom'. Not everyone would want that. If we've all got different tastes, than 2 lists (for example) won't help the problem. We would, in essence, need as many lists as we do members.

If nothing else, do what I did when my filters weren't working: delete messages by subject.