Re: theology and genes: some demographic data

Spike Jones (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 12:56:53 -0800

> > I am amazed the biology professors can find enough students
> > by the time they go thru our public school system. {8-[ spike
> Max More wrote: I can tell you from teaching a Philosophy of Religion class many
> times, that almost none of my college students have studied any evolutionary
> theory.
> Out of a class of 30-35, maybe one or two, if any, have studied it. I find this
> a
> staggering and frightening thing! ...

Me too Max. The rest of the modern world (especially the U.K.) are waaay ahead of the U.S. in this area. My first real exposure to evolution was in college,
where a friend loaned me a copy of Gould's Ever Since Darwin, after which I devoured all of Gould's published works.

This willful failure of public education sets the stage for the eventual Iranification
of the U.S. under fundamentalist christianity, a process some have argued that has already displayed a menacing progress. {8-[ spike