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>> WELLINGTON -- Ten per cent of people surveyed by Massey University believe
>> the Bible is the actual word of God, to be taken literally word
> Tim, I suspect NZers are practically indistinguishable from U.S.
> and the numbers given for religioners sound similar to our numbers.
> The difference in belief in evolution can be explained by our educational
> system.  I am amazed the biology professors can find enough students
> by the time they go thru our public school system.  {8-[   spike

I can tell you from teaching a Philosophy of Religion class many times, that almost none of my college students have studied any evolutionary theory. Out of
a class of 30-35, maybe one or two, if any, have studied it. I find this a staggering and frightening thing! It means that I have to explain some basic science before I can even begin the philosophical discussion of the Design Argument.


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