Re: Extropianism & Theology
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 07:34:51 EST


Thank you for your wonderful responses. I am a little more interested in the possibility of nested universes and causality loops and the like than I think you are, but here, vive la differance! I especially liked the concept of Strong Atheism versus Weak Atheism.

Now, I should add that the concept of God need not be in the model of "God the Creator", as there are several other models of Godhood out there and some may even be desirable...though perhaps for you only if you are God. I suppose in the end I think of Godhood as being the highest acheivable level of Good
(my definition of Good is actually pretty Extropian in flavor). Now whether
any being has actually acheived that level, I do not yet know, but I tend to get as close to that level as I can myself. I figure one of three things can happen, I never reach that level myself but at least am heading in the right direction, I approach that level and find someone is there to greet me, or I acheive that level and hang out the welcome sign to others. To me, the search for God and becoming God are one in the same process, and if imitation is the highest form of flattery, perhaps trying to be God-like is the highest form of worship. Well, this went a little far afield, but it does suggest one model of worship that I think is actually useful, and is even a bit agnostic in nature.

Glen Finney