Re: Extropianism & Theology & dopamine

Spike Jones (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 00:32:15 -0800

> > condition, and instill the religion meme, if one is born without the
> > religion gene.
> Timothy Bates wrote: Well, now there are two of us willing to search

> for this gene ;-)

Tim, did you say you are a research psychiatrist? I think I recall something like that. How is that gene search done? Do they just collect a bunch of natural believers on one side, nonbelievers on the other, sequence everyone's

genes and see how group A is different from group B?

> I guess that we could run a Dopamine cable from the <thinking-about-the-
> -universe-as-a-vast-empty-mindless-space> module down to the
> <feeling-really-good> module ... that might be fun ;-)

i volunteer to be wired. {8^D spike