Re: Re: God: Why argue?
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 21:11:46 EST

In a message dated 2/26/99 7:43:47 PM, Glen wrote:

<<Besides which, I would suggest there might be some good memes entangled in all those religious meme complexes; it would be a shame if we were to throw the meme out with the meme complex.

Thanks Glen, you are clearly one of the most thoughtful and articulate people I've encountered.

As a less articulate new extropian, non-scholar, non-scientist might I suggest another reason to encourage more diversity in your meme set (Am I using this word correctly?). Having just finished "At Home in the Universe" by Stewart Kaufman, I am intrigued by the model of "adaptive walks on fitness landscapes."

It seems to me that one of the greatest potential obstacles to continuing evolution is the tendency to get trapped on a low (relatively speaking) fitness peak. A diversity of opinions would encourage greater exploration of the available landscape and increase the possibility of finding higher peaks farther removed from your own location.

All you extropians inspire me.

Adrian Spidle