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Fri, 26 Feb 1999 17:35:30 EST

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<< No offense to Adrian or anyone else, but such arguments sound
suspiciously similar to the core of Scientologist thinking...similar to Mormonism but with science as the bait. As much as I am open to other people's views, I have heard the same pseudo-friendly suggestive statements time and time again, and all they seem to lead to is the recruitment of otherwise intelligent people to a religion-based world view. Augmenting the face of God still requires a God in the first place. Be wary.

E. Shaun Russell Musician, Poet, ExI Member>>

No offense, Shaun? What's with this "pseudo-friendly" descriptor? Is this another meme? Because a girl broke my heart, does that mean that all people with high voices, great hair and dresses will do likewise?

What is the core of Scientologist thinking and Mormanism?

Your wary friend,

Adrian Husband, Father, Businessman, Vet, ExI Member