Re: Brave young ateists and Fearful Neanderthals

Brian D Williams (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 09:08:08 -0800 (PST)


>Thanks Arnaldo. As a recent member of this list, I wonder how
>many other seasoned citizens are participating. Everyone sounds
>like my son (PhD in Microbiology). Are you all science grad
>students and post docs?

>Also, how many Brave Young Atheists are you and are there any
>other Fearful Neanderthals?

>Any Brave Old Atheists?

Hi Adrian, welcome to the list. I've found your discussions very interesting.

I'm 41 and an ex Vietnam era vet myself (I was in bootcamp at 17 during the fall of Saigon) I am a Union electrician local 134 I.B.E.W working as network premise engineer at the Ameritech data center Chicago.

I guess on your scale I would be closer to "Brave Young Atheist".

The current extropian solution for "Fearful Neanderthals" is a cryonics contract.

I guess I could sum up my religious belief (born catholic) as I can't believe in a god on a planet where 35,000+ children a day starve to death.

Nice to make your acquaintance

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