Re: Brave Young Atheists and Fearful Neanderthals

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Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:10:32 GMT

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>In a message dated 2/25/99 5:26:11 PM, Arnaldo wrote:
><<Yes. Why argue? Man invented gods because of the fear of the unknown... Now
>that the
>Universe is not so unknown as it was for the Neanderthals, what is the excuse?
>Maybe the Neanderthals are not extinct after all....
>As Einestein would say.... Religion is like opening a door where there is no
>Thanks Arnaldo. As a recent member of this list, I wonder how many other
>seasoned citizens are participating. Everyone sounds like my son (PhD in
>Microbiology). Are you all science grad students and post docs?
>Also, how many Brave Young Atheists are you and are there any other Fearful
>Any Brave Old Atheists?

I'm 41 and an atheist.
But I know what you mean: it is one thing to be an atheist at 30, and another to be an atheist at 70.
But as for myself, I have an alternate comfort, though some would call it a cold comfort: I wear a cryonicist's bracelet...