Re: Extropianism & Theology

Aaron Davidson (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 22:53:05 -0700

>Aaron Davidson said
>> Since myself and many others do not seem to feel this instinct, I think it
>> must be more of a conditioned factor.
>Well try the same logic out in this sentence
>"Since i myself do not have brown eyes, I think it must be a conditioned

Both my parents have brown eyes. I Have brown eyes. Both my parents believe in God. I do not (because they were careful

				  	   about how they taught me about

>I think that God-believing is a heritable neural module present in the minds
>of the great majority of human brains.

This may well be, but I think that if you look back at what I said, I think it is more likely that we have instincts more general than a specific instinct for believing in God(s). We certainly have the instinct to gullibly swallow anything our parents tell us while we are children. Children of Christians believe in Christianity. Children of Hindus believe in Hinduism. A religion doesn't need a specific 'god instinct' to survive. All a religion needs is a few child-bearing belivers.

I'm not saying that this god module does not exist. It may, but I think childhood conditioning is a little easier to swallow.


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