stingers and cryonics

Spike Jones (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 20:43:04 -0800

>Ian Goddard wrote: Commander Donaldson has shown that you can
>put out a cigarette in Jet A-1 fuel.

I believe it. I know you can put out a fire with engine starting fluid. {8^D How are the Boeing guys taking all this? They must have been at least as certain as I am that fuel tanks cannot explode, even assuming wire insulation damage.

I had a thought today: it would *not* be in Boeing's best interest if it were found that a missile destroyed FL800. Reasoning: if an arcing wire caused an explosion (or something like that) then Boeing could treat the problem, by inspecting and replacing wire harnesses, etc. But if it became widely known that stinger missiles (for instance) were in the hands of terrorists there is not one damn thing we can do about that. People would get nervous and use aircraft less, Boeing stock would drop like... FL800.

By the way, today I cancelled a business trip to the east coast. This is all due to the paradigm shift of cryonics. If one is religious, it does not matter how one dies. A plane crash is as good as a heart attack, better than cancer, etc. But if one has one of those bracelets, one is tempted to avoid planes, for one midair collision can spoil everything.. {8-[ spike