Re: Transhumanist medical ethics?

Michael Lorrey (
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 20:47:37 -0500

Billy Brown wrote:

> Nick Bostrom wrote:
> > This is one area where we need to do more thinking. We
> > need to develop a transhumanist medical ethics..
> Definitely. We need something better than the current extremes of "That's
> unnatural!" vs. "I can do anything I please!"
> One point to consider is that once you have created a new person, they
> should then have the same rights as anyone else. Thus, if I believe I have
> a fundamental right of self-ownership, then I should concede that my
> creations have the same right.

Exactly, which is why I made the clear distinction between post-creation and pre-creation engineering. The only question is whether an AI is born 'adult' or not, and if not, what temporary controls are needed to limit the potential damage to others or self an immature AI may do, just as is done with children.

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