Re: Moral behavior of SIs
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 17:54:17 EST

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<<I'm probably too anthropomorphic in my thinking, but the basic idea is that
if human behavior is
determined more by evolution of adapted strategies than rational optimization, and if SI's are preprogrammed to behave in much the same way, the outcome should be that SIs will develop
the wanted moral values (be nice to others etc.).

Any comments?


Great thinking Eric!! Don't you think it's time to develop a more appropriate moral code that all intelligent beings could sign on to??

For example, the First Commandmant (No idols) seems inaproprite.

Also, is adultery a sin if it's OK with your spouse? etc.

I think promulgating such a least common denominator morality is crucial if we are to survive the coming singularity.

Adrian Spidle