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>I assert that God is an inevitable unescapable product of a technological
>civilization that lasts long enough! Can you prove me wrong?

I assert that there is a life after death! Can you prove me wrong?

I assert that when good people die they go to heaven! Can you prove me wrong?

Extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence. You make an extraordinary claim and you try to make us believe in something for which there is no evidence.

Such questions are nonsense in a rational discussion. For a theory to be taken seriously you must show either a way to prove or disprove your assertion. Othervise it is extremely difficult to take the argument seriously.

Another thing I don't understand. The God concept is usually seen as omnipotent, omniscient and eternal. If it is not so, how can it have any meaning?

A god that changes, and a religion that must "be made" how can that have anything to do with god? If you twist the concept of God enough then anything can be god. For me that is nonsense.

Drop that old God-meme that has been carried over from our hunter-gatherer ancestors that where afraid of thunder, and just see the world as it is. "I think therefore I am" Life is real, but a single life exists only in a very short window of time. After life there can be something else, but there is no way of knowing that and no way of testing it. Transhumanism is hard enough to explain and I would like to be able to do it without having to explain about muddy religious(like) views.

Let us use scientifical rationalism and leave it at that. Unless, that is, that evidence will ever tell us othervise.

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