Re: Is There A Need for Transhuman Spirituality?
Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:30:35 EST

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Thanks Natasha for having the courage to bring up a topic that usually generates
an allergic reaction for so many in this community. I think such reactions are
either due to lack of experience in these areas or mistaking the map for the territory.

In regards to a theology of gods or Gods, they are not entirely without use. If
I find that a belief in a particular God or set of gods is useful to my overall
development, how is this a bad thing? Internally believing in anything "as if
true" has its uses, no matter how absurd the belief. The question becomes, is
this belief helping me to increase my own personal extropy or hinder it? In the
past I found that oscillating between fervent belief and disbelief was a useful
exercise in finding the limits of belief and their effects on my own brain. For
those who haven't done this, I highly recommend this metabelief exercise - especially those who have remained within one or two highly confined belief systems - athiest/theist or otherwise.

I completely agree that the 'New Age' renaissance was fabulous during its beginnings. It had its roots primarily in Eastern historical methods of self-development and self-discovery where all things are possible and human potential can be developed without end.

Yes again. My current mix of things is a cross between practical psychology and
applied theology - I plan on being a god myself one day.

Yes. As our love, compassion, and achieving bliss in oneself and stimulating it
in others.

As do I. Who said the path to godhood meant becoming stupid morons? :-)

The strong tendency within this community to criticize first and seek out kindredness later has always bothered me. On the other hand, it's a refreshing
change from the blind faith and stupidity rampant almost everywhere else we turn. Perhaps it's that fact, that drives the current dichotomizing tendency to
be so critical when we could all be such good friends under other circumstances.

Yes, I have tried on numerous occasions, both directly and obliquely, to point
out that "synergy" as you call it. I've always liked Anders ability to play all
sides of the transhumanist fence. He can be the most ruthlessly logical person
at times, yet I've seen him say the most poetic and amazing things that pin all
these "softer" issues right on the head.

I couldn't have summed up my own sentiments about the last 6 months of my life
better than that. :-)

Paul Hughes >>

Hurray for Paul and Natasha!!

Intellectual accomplishment need not dehumanize us. Keep it up, guys.

I plan on being a god myself one day. also.

Adrian Spidle