Is there a need for transhuman spirituality?
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 16:39:32 EST

Hi Natasha,

I congratulate you in your extremely perceptive, even brave, expression of what's missing in the world view of our most intelligent compatriots.

I believe there is a simple solution to your longing (a longing that we all share, I believe).

First of all, we can posit God as an inevitable outcome of technological civilization (if it lasts long enough). We don't need to get fuzzy and mystical about it.

I agree about the failure of traditional religions, in fact, I believe traditional religions have cost us a thousand years of scientific advancement by their brutal suppresion of scientific thought.

May I suggest augmenting meditation, self-contemplation and intuition with diligent study of the discoveries of modern science?

Caring, warmth, empathy and the desire to improve ones self are important aspects of a meaningful worldview. It's a mistake to think these characteristics can't coexist with criticalness and factualness.

I believe synergy is the essence of our future and the core of God.

Go for it!

Adrian Spidle