Re: studying Cognitive Science and Psychiatry

Wed, 24 Feb 1999 21:43:33 +0100

It appears as if Tim Bates <> wrote:
|Empirically, this is not the case. It is not intelligence that is making
|you and your friends depressed.

Anders Sandberg <> might have commented:
|Yes. This is rather a mindset that is partially forced onto us by our
|culture (all those "things man was never meant to know" memes) and
|partially due to bad thinking habits (if you think that being
|intelligent means being a Leonardo or Aristoi all the day, and then
|realize you are intelligent and not behaving like that, you might
|think there is something wrong with you).

I certainly did.

Diagnosis: Indolence.
Action: Metaprogram into a quasi-Ariste personality cluster.