Re: Extropianism & Theology

Anders Sandberg (
24 Feb 1999 21:14:40 +0100 writes:

> I have already developed my theology and am testing it in the Extropian group
> since I have always been a Libertarian and find that I definitely believe in
> the Extropian principles.
> My cosmology is simply whatever is the standard model of the scientific
> community and will change as that model changes.

This is something I would like to see more often in theology: people testing their theories/views, and saying they should be adjusted to fit newly discovered facts of reality.

It is interesting to think of a libertarian theology. I once remarked to a fundamentalist who intoned "... and on that day *everybody* *will* *kneel* before the Lord!" that any being that need or want to force others to obey it clearly isn't worth worshipping.

Maybe the true form of libertarian worship is trade?

> Glen, thank you for your terrific contribution. I am thrilled that
> Anders is interested (I consider him one of the most innovative
> thinkers and educators of our time) and you are certainly a worthy
> adition.

Wow! Now at least my ego reaches godlike proportions :-)

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