Re: FAQ Additions (Posthuman mind control)

Steve Tucker (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:29:40 -0600

You keep coming up with these interesting gun statistics, which should be widely promulgated if true. Can you provide your sources for these?

- Steve

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:

> I don't beleive for a minute the statistics promulgated by the so-called
> child rights special interests. They also claim that thousands of children
> are being killed by accidental use of firearms, when in fact, in the past 35
> years, only 31 children (9 and under) have died as a result of accidental
> discharge of firearms in the US, and almost all of those were a result of
> improper storage of the firearm by the owner.
> Where do they get their stats then? First, they classify 'children' as
> anyone under the age of 25! This includes all military and police personnel
> under the age of 25, which brings in the injuries and deaths from freindly
> fire in combat and crime scene situations. If police get a false tip from an
> informer with which they justify storming your house, and they shoot you or
> a member of your family, then it is classified as an accidental discharge in
> the home!!! (this is where the stat that police are 5 times more likely to
> kill an innocent civilian in a crime scene contributes to the so-called
> child death rate).
> Mike