Re: FAQ Additions (Posthuman mind control)

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:07:48 -0500

den Otter <> wrote:
> I'd have no problem with outlawing the indoctrination of children
> with anything else than rationalism and critical thought. Given
> the damage that religion and related dogmas have done to
> individuals
> I think this in itself somewhat coercive measure could
> be fully justified. Ultimately it would improve everyone's situation,
> after all.

Don't you realize that this is the same view held by the religious nuts? Everybody seems to want to outlaw other views and limit teaching to their view. Everybody thinks that their viewpoint can be justified, and that such a position would improve everyone's situation.

Such a position is dangerous, whether you hold the "right" view or the "wrong" view. I am constantly amazed at how much people are willing to override the desires of other because "we know we're right".

Why is your position any better than the conservative desire to outlaw the teaching of evolution and limit teaching to just the Bible? Is it because you're belief system is true and theirs is false? Do we really want to outlaw the teaching of wrong theories? Won't this lead to the State being run by Thought Police?

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