Year 2000 Millenium Bug going to be a problem?? Not any more!!!
Wed, 24 Feb 1999 07:52:09 GMT

The Millenium Bug. The Year 2000 Timebomb. Do you know that around 85% of the estimated 480 MILLION Personal Computers in the world will be affected by it? Will YOUR computer crash on January 1st, 2000? How about your company? Is there nothing you can do about it without having to replace your systems completely?


Our product offers the following benefits:

  1. Hardware diagnostic.
  2. Hardware fix (if required).
  3. Report - "Claim of Compliance".
  4. Software compliance and report.
  5. Peace of mind = 100% Accurate - INDEPENDENTLY verified.
  6. Significant cost savings - who really wants to replace their systems? Certainly not me!

For under $135 for a single license, you can prevent the Millenium Bug from ruining your New Year in the Year 2000. Or, if you need Multiuser network licenses for your business we can do that too! Just think of the money you will save!

We also need resellers from ALL OVER THE WORLD to market our product. Yes!! Our product works INTERNATIONALLY!!

If you would like to keep your computer running after 1999, or if you would like to become an Associate and make money selling our product,

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Don't forget! The Millenium Bug is the biggest problem facing computer users EVER! And guess what? You've just found the solution!

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