Re: Extropianism & Theology
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 14:54:42 EST

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Tipler wanted to get transcendence with the deal, so he had to postulate infinite computing resources and knowledge for this to work, which only can (?) occur during a Big Crunch (hold your fingers crossed :-).

I think the problem is talking about God with big 'G'. Why not gods with lower case 'g'? Maybe we're too monotheistic on this list. Personally I feel more pagan, and want to see mankind turn into a whole pantheon. A pantheon of gods with humor. >>

Well put, Anders.

At some point in the future in this scenario we will still have enough computing power and knowledge to get transcendence in the deal.

Big "G", little "g" ...... great point. In my scenario God or god(s) should still be quite human, and, I believe, not need us to "worship" him/her/them in the traditional sense. If he/she/they are as democratic as I suspect, he/she/they want us to "add our distinctiveness to theirs" and also become god

As hinted to by Stewart Kaufman in "At Home in the Universe", I suspect that:

Life emerged as a "phase change" when the primordial soup had enough different molecules reacting and catalyzing reactions till it became self sustaining and replicating.

Self awareness occured as an emergant property when enough neurons, synapses, etc. came into being in one creature.

God will emerge when enough intelligences and computing power are networked together, but he/she/they will be a corporate god, not just one Supreme being.

Adrian Spidle