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Tue, 23 Feb 1999 00:05:10 -0800

>On Mon, 22 Feb 1999 20:21:43 +1100 Tim Bates >writes:
>>Seriously, tell me if you think I am simply fooling myself or if I am
>>in bed with the enemy.

major amputation

>>Maybe I am wrong? What do others think?
>I think you have one solid line of argument. However, this
>line of argument is very strong.
>Simply put.
>I have a goal.
>I am prevented from doing what I think will get me to that goal
>in the precise manner that I might wish.
>Do I
>a) Give up my goal.
>b) Move towards the goal in a manner that I might find mildly
> distasteful while trying to bring about better circumstances
>c) Struggle grandly and impotently against immovable forces.
>Easy choice, I think.

A most difficult choice, I think.
For every goal, some will choose (a), some (b), and some (c). I can only hope that each person makes the right choice for himself. Sometimes the goal is most important. Sometimes the principle is most important. Sometimes the course of action is most important. Sometimes...the person is most important.

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