Re: Extropians and political views [Was: Re: The FAQ is

E. Shaun Russell (
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 23:55:15 -0800

Tim Bates wrote:

>If you really want that sentence then it really should read
>"Extropianism has no bearing on political philosophy. While many
>extropians are libertarian, the Extropian philosophy is fully compatible
>with communism, facism, and anarchy."
>If Extropy really has no bearing on politic[al] philosophy, then this
>sentence, which many including me would want to say is false, would stand
>as true. Is that the case?

No. Extropy itself is separate from any politic; like objectivism and other philosophies, it is a philosophy which is comprised of certain facets --in the case of Extropy, these are the Principles. If a person was to claim to be both an extropian and a communist, the facets of the political party would be in obvious conflict with the Principles of Extropy. In other words, it would be a contradiction. Extropy has no political agenda whatsoever. The Extropy Institute is a non-profit organization which promotes the growth of Extropy.

The question of libertarian compatibility with Extropy is one which frequently arises, yet seems to be rarely understood. Extropy has no association with the Libertarian Party, although many extropians would vote for this party if there was a member in their riding. Nothing in the premises of the Libertarian Party's political agenda is in conflict with the Extropian Principles --no contradictions can occur. As for the libertarian
philosophy, there have been very few tangible guidelines as to what the philosophy is in the first place. Generally, libertarians are against the initiation of violence, and against government intrusion into the privacy of
civilians. However, other than these and other generalities, there are no set guidelines for the libertarian philosophy --a beautiful building with a weak foundation. Because of this, those who are in accordance with the Extropian Principles may also see themselves as libertarians as well.

On the issue of the wording of the FAQ, the aim of the FAQ is to provide newcomers with a solid understanding of the stand Extropy takes on a variety of issues. For those who wish to read deeply into the way each sentence is written, there will always be a certain amount of androgyny in each word or phrase. The FAQ should provide a high degree of clarity, though those looking for alternate interpretations will find them if they are clever enough.