Re: Is an SI possible with todays hardware?

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>I think you're misinterpreting the analogy.

I gave no analogy so I couldn't have misinterpreted it, I just calculated the information content of some DNA.

     >The DNA is not the actual hardware which performs the computations
     >for intelligence.


>Rather, it is a blueprint for a hardware which can perform the necessary

It's not a blueprint, it's a recipe. A blueprint has a one to one correspondence between any part of itself and a particular part of the depicted object but does not give any information on construction techniques. With a recipe the inverse is true.

>Incidentally, about 50% of our DNA is involved with the brain

That could be true I suppose but I very much doubt it is known to be true. At the present time the function of nearly all human genes is unknown. If it is true then the main difference between us and chimps, our huge cerebral cortex, must be made of pretty simple stuff because although we don't know what most of our genes do we do know that we share almost 99% of them with chimps. Perhaps it is true, perhaps the parts of our brain that are very similar to those of many other animals, like the brainstem, are the really complicated parts. Evolution certainly took far longer to come up with it than our cortex.

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