Re: Extropians and political views [Was: Re: The FAQ is completed!]

Tim Bates (
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 17:48:47 +1100

Spike Jones said

>> Max More wrote: Many Extropians may call themselves
>> libertarians (and mean fairly different things by it), but other may
>> (perfectly legitimately) not.
>that one sentence may be all you need for the faq. spike

If you really want that sentence then it really should read

"Extropianism has no bearing on political philosophy. While many extropians are libertarian, the Extropian philosophy is fully compatible with communism, facism, and anarchy."

If Extropy really has no bearing on politicla philosophy, then this sentence, which many including me would want to say is false, would stand as true. Is that the case?